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We are an institution with the core values of Compassion; Trust; Empathy; Rapport Building and Quality service delivery in the Mental Health Industry. Our target clients are Christians of various denominations suffering from any form of Mental Health problems. Our main objective is to bring about a change of attitude among Christians on Mental Health Issues. As humans and believers, nobody has immunity from Mental Health problems, so we encourage everyone to take a bold step of faith today and talk to us. Tomorrow may be too late!!!

We do not and will not JUDGE anyone; and we do not and will not DISCRIMINATE against anyone based on your Christian beliefs and Denomination, Race, Gender and Sexual Orientation. We encourage every Christian Brother or Sister that requires our services to just "COME AS YOU ARE" and share in our vision of Compassion for one another as we walk you through to wellness and good health.



We aspire to bring enlightenment to all Christian believers that Mental Health challenges are REAL. No Christian has Immunity from Mental Health problems because of our faith in God and hope in Jesus Christ.

There is no shame in admitting to Mental Health problems as a Believer. We must STOP living in denial and shame, and seek necessary help.



  • Strive to end the stigma that surrounds “Mental Health” among Christian believers through seminars, workshops and conferences.


  •  Encourage all Christian believers to seek help from Qualified Mental Health Professionals for their Mental Health issues.


  • Encourage every General Overseer and Board of Trustees of various churches to devote any month of the year for Mental Health awareness campaign and General Wellness.



​In our Practice, we promise to:

  • Be Genuine

  • Be strictly confidential

  • Actively listen to your story, narrative or testimony

  • Be non-judgmental

  • Be Empathetic and Compassionate

  • Treat Clients with respect and dignity

  • Never force our views on clients, but allow clients to work things out at their own pace with our support

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